1)   General   -   The   terms   and   conditions   contained   herein   represent   the   entire   and   only   Agreement   between the   parties.      Any   conditions   imposed   on   Seller   by   Buyer   shall   not   form   part   of   the   Agreement   unless incorporated into the Agreement in writing and signed by both parties. 2)   Acceptance   -   The   offer   contained   in   this   Quotation   demonstrates   an   intention   to   be   bound   by   Seller   and must   be   accepted   in   full   by   the   Buyer   within   the   time   frame   stated   in   the   quotation.      Acceptance   of   the offer   by   telephone   will   be   binding   on   Buyer,   but   Seller   reserves   the   right   to   require   acceptance   in   writing,   in which case acceptance is binding on Buyer once the written acknowledgement is received by Seller. 3)   Price   -   The   price   contained   in   this   offer   is   the   price   in   effect   at   the   time   the   order   is   received   by   Seller   in Mannheim,   Germany.      If   the   offer   is   not   accepted   within   the   period   of   acceptance   stated   in   section   2,   Seller reserves   the   right   to   adjust   the   price   of   the   goods   and   to   submit   a   new   offer   to   the   Buyer.      All   prices   shall   be quoted and paid in Euro. 4)   Taxes/Duties   -   Prices   do   not   include   any   taxes   or   duties,   which   are   the   sole   responsibility   of   Buyer.      Any amount   required   to   be   collected   by   Seller   from   the   Buyer   shall   appear   as   a   separate   line   item   on   the   invoice or billed separately to Buyer. 5)   Terms   of   Payment   -   All   payments   are   to   be   made   in   full   to   Seller   by   electronic   wire   transfer   within   30 days   of   the   invoice   date.      Where   Buyer   is   not   equipped   to   pay   by   wire   transfer,   Buyer   agrees   to   reimburse Seller for any costs associated with processing alternate forms of payment. 6)   Delivery   -   Unless   specified   by   Buyer   and   agreed   to   by   Seller,   time   shall   not   be   of   the   essence   for   delivery.     Seller   shall   advise   Buyer   at   the   time   of   acceptance   of   the   estimated   date   on   which   the   goods   are   to   be shipped.      All   deliveries   shall   be   made   ex   works   Avestin   Europe   GmbH.      Buyer   shall   compensate   Seller   for any costs associated with storage of the goods where delivery is delayed by Buyer. 7)   Force   Majeur   -   Buyer   and   Seller   shall   be   relieved   of   their   obligations   under   this   Agreement   in   the   case   of unforeseeable   and   irresistible   events   that   prevent   the   performance   of   said   obligations.      A   mere   delay   in performance   shall   not   qualify   under   this   section,   unless   time   is   deemed   to   be   of   the   essence.      The   party wishing   to   rescind   the   Agreement   under   this   section   must   advise   the   other   party   of   its   intention   to   do   so   in writing   within   two   weeks   of   the   event   occurring,   or   in   the   case   of   a   recurring   event,   from   the   first   day   the event    occurred.        Where    either    party    rescinds    the    Agreement    under    this    section,    the    parties    must    be restored to the condition they were in prior to entering into the Agreement. 8)   Warranties   -   Seller   warrants   only   to   the   original   Buyer   that   the   goods   sold   are   free   from   defects   that   are not   commercially   acceptable   and   are   fit   for   the   purpose   for   which   similar   equipment   would   normally   be used.      Unless   agreed   to   in   writing   and   signed   by   both   parties,   Seller   does   not   warrant   the   suitability   of   the goods   for   any   particular   purpose   of   Buyer.      Buyer   must   inspect   the   equipment   at   its   own   expense   within   a reasonable   time   after   delivery   and   report   any   defects   to   Seller   immediately   in   writing.      Where   defects   are latent,   they   must   be   reported   immediately   upon   being   discovered   by   Buyer.      For   clarity,   certain   parts   wear at   various   rates   depending   on   the   application   of   Buyer.      Such   normal   wear   and   tear   is   not   covered   under this   warranty.      Seller   shall,   at   its   option,   repair   or   replace   any   parts   deemed   to   be   defective   free   of   charge after   a   written   request   by   Buyer   to   do   so   and   inspection   of   the   parts   by   Seller.      This   warranty   shall   run   for   a period   of   twelve   months   from   the   date   of   delivery   or   500   hours   of   operation,   whichever   is   shorter.      Seller’s liability   for   parts   manufactured   by   a   third   party   shall   be   limited   to   the   extent   of   any   warranties   between Seller   and   third   party.      This   warranty   shall   be   void   where   Buyer   fails   to   report   defects   within   a   reasonable time,   attempts   to   repair   or   alter   the   equipment   itself   or   causes   the   equipment   to   be   repaired   or   altered   by a third party not authorized by Seller. 9)    Repairs    not    covered    -    Any    repairs    not    covered    by    the    warranty    in    the    preceding    section    may    be contacted   for   by   the   parties   under   a   separate   agreement.      Seller   reserves   the   right   to   charge   a   fee   for   these services. 10)    Indemnity    -    Buyer    shall    indemnify    and    hold    Seller    harmless    for    all    claims    arising    from    damages resulting   from   the   use   or   operation   of   the   goods   sold   because   of   the   improper   repair,   maintenance   or operation   of   the   goods   by   Buyer,   the   failure   of   Buyer   to   adequately   train   personnel   in   the   operation   of   the goods,   Buyer’s   failure   to   comply   with   local   regulations   or   otherwise.      As   the   equipment   is   capable   of producing   very   high   fluid   pressures,   it   is   Buyer’s   responsibility   to   ensure   that   all   operators   have   been properly trained in the use, operation and maintenance of the equipment. 11)   Patents   -   If   after   the   time   of   acceptance   it   is   found   that   the   goods   sold   infringe   or   violate   patent   or other   intellectual   property   rights   registered   in   the   European   Union,   Seller   may   at   its   option   either   acquire the   rights   on   behalf   of   Buyer   to   use   the   equipment,   modify   or   replace   the   goods   so   as   not   to   infringe   the right,   or   to   accept   the   return   of   the   goods   and   restore   Buyer   to   the   condition   it   was   in   prior   to   the formation   of   the   Agreement.      Seller   shall   have   the   right   to   conduct   any   legal   proceedings   commenced against   Buyer   resulting   from   claims   of   intellectual   property   infringement   as   they   relate   directly   to   the   goods sold.      Seller   shall   have   no   liability   for   intellectual   property   infringement   in   the   products   of   Buyer   through the   use   of   its   equipment,   nor   for   any   infringements   resulting   from   modifications   made   to   the   goods   by Buyer. 12)   Intellectual   Property   -   Seller   retains   ownership   of   all   intellectual   property   rights   attached   to   the   goods sold,   as   well   as   to   any   products   developed   in   the   course   of   or   arising   from   work   for   Buyer.      Buyer   shall   not assert   any   claims   to   these   rights.      All   brochures,   manuals   and   other   literature   provided   to   Buyer   remain   the property   of   Seller,   shall   be   held   in   confidence   by   Buyer   and   shall   not   be   used   in   a   manner   detrimental   to the business of Seller. 13)   Subsequent   Improvements   -   Seller   may   make   improvements   in   design   or   otherwise   to   its   equipment without creating a duty to improve or upgrade goods previously sold to Buyer. 14)   Limitation   of   Action   -   Any   action   for   a   breach   of   warranty   as   detailed   in   section   8   of   this   Agreement shall   be   commenced   within   twelve   (12)   months   of   the   breach   or   within   such   other   maximum   time   as prescribed   by   law,   whichever   is   longer.      Attempts   by   Seller   to   repair   the   equipment   shall   not   serve   to   extend the   limitation   period   beyond   the   twelve   month   period,   nor   shall   they   extend   the   warranty   period   beyond the original twelve months. 15)   Installation   -   Buyer   shall   be   solely   responsible   for   the   installation   of   the   equipment   and   shall   bear   of the   costs   thereof.      Buyer   may   request   the   equipment   be   installed   by   Seller   and   Seller   reserves   the   right   to charge a fee for such installation. 16)   Applicable   Law   -   This   Agreement   shall   be   governed   in   accordance   with   the   laws   of   Germany   including the   United   Nations   Convention   on   the   International   Sale   of   Goods.      Any   action   commenced   relating   to   or arising out of this Agreement shall be brought exclusively before the court sitting in Mannheim, Germany. 17)   Entire   Agreement   -      This   document   represents   the   entire   agreement   between   the   parties   and   may   not be   modified   except   in   writing.      Seller   reserves   the   right   to   modify   these   terms   at   any   point   prior   to acceptance by Buyer, provided such modifications are delivered in writing. 18)   Language   -   This   Agreement   has   been   drafted   in   English   at   the   request   of   the   parties.      Any   discrepancies arising   between   this   Agreement   and   a   translation   in   another   language   shall   be   resolved   in   favour   of   the English   text.      Cet   accord   a   été   écrit   en   anglais   à   la   requête   des   parties.      Toutes   différences   entre   la   version anglaise   et   celle   d’une   autre   langue   seront   resolues   en   faveur   de   la   version   anglaise.      Auf   Wunsch   der Teilnehmer   wird   dieser   Vertrag   auf   Englisch   geschrieben.   Unterschiede   zwischen   dem   Englischen   Text   und einer Űbersetzung werden mit dem Englischen Text aufgeklärt.
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