AVESTIN®   is   a   highly   efficient   and   productive   company   with   almost   100%   export.   We   are   able   to   pay   high   salaries, and   provide   longer   than   average   vacation   time.   We   also   have   an   office   in   Mannheim,   Germany   to   market   our high-quality products made in Canada.  Please read the following carefully and comply, or your resume will not be considered. 1.   Email a copy of your resume in pdf or Word format to avestin@avestin.com. Please do not send a cover letter. 2.   The subject line of your email should read only: RESUME. 3.   In the text of your email (not in an attachment) please indicate the following: A.   The job you are applying for. B.   Educational background, Institution graduated from, year of graduation. C.   Special skills or experience such as languages spoken, countries visited, etc. D.   Hobbies that are relevant to the position being applied for. Do not call. Only prospective candidates will be contacted.   Job #1:  Administrative Manager with Scientific Education (1 position available) The   successful   applicant   will   be   responsible   for   managing   the   day-to-day   office   operations.      Applicants   must   have an   education   in   chemistry,   biochemistry,   physics   or   accounting.      The   ability   to   speak   German   is   considered   an asset. Job #2:  Forester (1 position available) The   successful   applicant   will   be   responsible   for   turning   our   3   acres   of   land   into   a   diversified   forest.   Applicants must have a degree in forestry from a recognized university. Job #3: Mechanical Engineer with Mandarin Language Knowledge We are looking for an engineer who will support existing customers as well as expand our customer base in China.  The successful candidate will perform technical support and will also have an inclination towards marketing.