INTRODUCTION The   privacy   of   our   customers   is   very   important   to   us.      We   make   every   effort   to   ensure   that   all   data   is   kept secure.      This   policy   will   outline   what   information   we   collect,   as   well   as   how   we   use,   share,   store,   and   secure the information obtained.   Please   read   the   policy   carefully,   and   contact   us   with   any   questions   or   concerns   regarding   our   privacy practices using the methods described below. WHO ARE WE? Avestin,   Inc.   is   located   in   Ottawa,   Canada.      We   are   represented   in   the   European   Union   by   Avestin   Europe GmbH.  WHAT INFORMATION DO WE COLLECT? We   collect   names,   addresses,   phone   and   fax   numbers,   job   titles,   email   addresses,   banking   details,   credit histories,   and   credit   card   numbers.      This   information   is   collected   when   a   customer   fills   out   the   contact   form on   our   website,   contacts   us   for   information   or   quotations   on   our   products,   or   provides   to   us   in   the   course of   purchasing   our   products.      We   also   collect   this   information   from   companies   that   supply   us   with   goods and services.  We do not use third parties to collect personal information. Our   website   uses   very   basic   cookies   to   track   the   site’s   activity.      No   personal   data   is   collected   from   the cookies on our website. HOW DO WE USE THIS INFORMATION? Personal information is used in a variety of ways.  These include: Providing goods and services, including ordering, invoicing, and shipping Performing internal research and development Maintaining point-of-contact databases Communication regarding new products Compliance with legal obligations This   information   allows   us   to   maintain   a   list   of   customers   and   ensure   that   our   products   continue   to   serve their needs as they evolve. We respect the right to access, control, and withdraw personal data at any time. WHEN DO WE SHARE PERSONAL DATA? Data   is   shared   when   necessary   to   provide   our   goods   and   services   to   our   customers,   such   as   to   shipping companies,   our   technicians   or   sales   representatives   to   organize   equipment   demonstrations   or   on-site technical support, or to financial institutions to process invoices.  We do not sell data to third parties. It   is   rare   that   we   would   disclose   any   personal   information   without   the   consent   of   the   individual   concerned.     There   are   certain   instances,   however,   where   such   consent   is   not   required   such   as   debt   collection,   reporting to   federal   agencies   (such   as   Canada   Customs   and   Revenue)   and   the   Courts,   or   during   the   investigation   of criminal activity. WHERE DO WE STORE THIS DATA? Data   is   stored   and   processed   primarily   in   Ottawa,   Canada.      Customers   and   suppliers   in   the   EU   will   have their   information   processed   in   Mannheim,   Germany,   and   certain   personal   information   may   be   transferred to Ottawa, Canada. HOW IS IT SECURED? All   data   is   maintained   securely,   with   restricted   access.      Procedures   are   in   place   to   protect   data   against accidental loss, as well as to prevent unauthorized access, use, destruction, or disclosure. Contracts    between    Avestin,    Inc.    and    Avestin    Europe    GmbH    ensure    that    personal    information    that    is transferred   outside   of   the   EU   is   treated   in   a   way   that   is   consistent   with,   and   which   respects,   EU   laws   on   data protection. HOW LONG IS THE INFORMATION KEPT? Personal   financial   information   is   maintained   for   a   minimum   period   of   seven   years   to   satisfy   the   audit requirements   of   the   Canada   Customs   and   Revenue   Agency.      At   the   expiration   of   that   period,   the   documents are disposed of in a manner acceptable to the tax authorities.  Contact information is retained in order to provide ongoing support for our instruments.  Once   we   are   no   longer   required   to   document   our   service   relationship,   all   relevant   personal   information   will be securely destroyed.  HOW TO CONTACT US: It   is   important   that   the   personal   information   we   hold   is   accurate   and   current.      In   order   to   review,   verify, correct,   or   request   erasure   of   personal   information,   please   contact   us   using   the   contact   information   below.     No   fee   is   required,   except   under   extreme   circumstances,   and   we   may   need   to   request   specific   information to confirm the requestor’s identity in order to ensure their right to access the information.  Our Data Controller Representative in the EU is: Michael Fischer Weinheimer Str. 64b 68309 Mannheim, Germany +49 621-724-5980 The Data Protection Officers in Ottawa, Canada, can be reached as follows: Jason Cull 2450 Don Reid Drive Ottawa, ON   K1H 1E1 613-736-0019 -or- Michelle Gomes 2450 Don Reid Drive Ottawa, ON   K1H 1E1 613-736-0019
June 22, 2018