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The optional peak reset meter with the sanitary, high pressure transducer. 

In-line transducer adapters for the EmulsiFlex-C5 (left) and EF-C50 (right). 
Sanitary Pressure Transducer 

Pressure Transducer/Peak Reset Meter       
An autoclavable, sanitary pressure transducer is recommended for clean/sterile applications.  All necessary high pressure ports are present on the homogenizing valve.  Signals generated by the transducer are processed by a unique, electronic peak reset meter.  The meter takes many pressure readings each second and the peak pressure, which is constantly updated,  is displayed on the meter.  Provisions are made to output pressure measurements to computer for monitoring or automated processing. 

Transducer Adapters 
There are several ways of mounting the sanitary, flush diaphragm transducer on an EmulsiFlex high pressure homogenizer.  The straight-leg adapter will fit any high pressure port found on any EmulsiFlex homogenizer.  Straight-leg adapters are compact and versatile.  In-line transducers are available as well .  They eliminate dead volumes and represent the cleanest method of pressure measurement for EmulsiFlex homogenizers.  Contact us directly for additional information.