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Optional heat exchangers for AVESTIN® High-Pressure Homogenizers. The bottom-most heat exchanger in this picture is made for sanitary applications. Heat Exchangers 

Stainless steel heat exchangers can be installed on EmulsiFlex homogenizers to control product temperature. Heat transfer fluids in the range of -25°C to 200°C, or -13°F to 400°F, can be used. 

The maximum product temperature for standard EmulsiFlex equipment is 70°C, or 160°F. Modifications are available to allow higher operating temperatures.

On the EmulsiFlex-C5 and EmulsiFlex-C50, a simple cooling coil can be fitted when less stringent temperature control is acceptable. 
  Optional cooling coils for the EmulsiFlex-C5 and EmulsiFlex-C50. Eyeglasses show relative size.