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The EmulsiFlex-C3. 
 Video Demonstration  

1. Pump
The EmulsiFlex-C3 homogenizer is powered by an electric motor. There are no "O"-rings or gaskets in the entire path of the product. No compressor is needed to run the pump.

2. Homogenizing Valve
The standard EmulsiFlex-C3 is delivered with a pneumatically controlled, dynamic homogenizing valve. Virtually no air comsumption.

3. Capacity/Pressure
The EmulsiFlex-C3 has a constant flow-through capacity of 3L/hr. It can process a sample as small as 10mL. The homogenizing pressure is adjustable between 500 and 30000psi or 35 and 2000bar. Flow rate is independent of pressure.

4. Temperature Control
Inlet and outlet temperatures can be controlled with the installation of an appropriate heat exchanger.

5. Cleaning and Sterilization
The EmulsiFlex-C3 is steam-in-place (SIP) sterilizable and suitable for clean room and GMP manufacturing. The wetted parts are autoclavable.

6. Requirements for Operation
The EmulsiFlex-C3 requires electric power of 110V at 60Hz, or 220V at 50Hz.

7. Accessories
Click here to see the accessories available for the EmulsiFlex-C3.

8. Demonstrations
In most cases we can come to you for a demonstration. Please contact us for more information.