AVESTIN - High Pressure Homogenizer Accessories  
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Accessories for EmulsiFlex Homogenizers
Below are the standard accessories for AVESTIN® High Pressure Homogenizers. Additional specialized accessories are available. Please contact AVESTIN® for more details.
Sanitary Pressure Transducer Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transducer AVESTIN®provides a flush diaphragm pressure transducer that can measure pulsating pressures up to 2000bar/30000psi.
Heat Exchangers Heat Exchangers AVESTIN® provides a range of heat exchangers which can be used to control product temperature. All heat exchangers are of high quality and are made of stainless steel.
Filter/Extruder Filter/Extruder AVESTIN® provides a range of filter/extruders which can be used for the production of unilamellar liposomes. These units can also be used for sterile filtration. This photo has been blurred to protect intellectual property.
Syringe system for C5 Syringe Fittings AVESTIN® provides fittings which can be used on the EmulsiFlex-C3 and EmulsiFlex-C5 to run multiple samples without resetting the pressure for each sample.
Syringe system for C5 Static Homogenizing Valve AVESTIN® provides static valves for high pressure homogenization up to 2000bar/30000psi.